Business Intelligence, Analytics and Information Management

Business Intelligence, Analytics and Information Management

FutureNow offers world class capabilities in the Business Intelligence. For us, BI is a strategic investment area, with the strong support and personal interest of senior leadership.

We deliver end-to-end solutions in technologies, ranging from Teradata, Oracle, Microsoft, Informatica, Cognos (IBM) and Business Objects (SAP). FutureNow delivers a broad spectrum of services from strategy, planning, design, implementation to management and hosting.

Business Intelligence solutions from FutureNow can:

As the economic realities change, new opportunities emerge and organizations must be positioned to capitalize on them. Business Intelligence solutions accelerate business growth by helping:

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We solve our partners’ most pressing challenges

We solve our partners’ most pressing challenges which are; specialization and focus in high-volume, complex environments; vertical expertise; breadth and depth of service offerings through all phases of implementation. We integrate a variety of best-in-class tools across the enterprise to create an agile information platform.

Your ability to accomplish your business goals is dependent upon your access to quality, real-time information about your operations. FutureNow Business Intelligence Services reviews your current environment, collaborates with your personnel and then develops a BI project plan focused on your priorities.

Our capabilities include:

The Implementation Process

To deliver value quickly to you, we leverage best practices and can use a phased approach to implement your new BI environment. This facilitates collaboration, planning and communication. This also ensures the solution is aligned with your goals, processes and culture. Stages of our Implementation approach:

Our governance model supports this approach and provides rigorous standards that facilitate a successful outcome. With this model, you maintain visibility into the project and provide project buy-in every step of the way.

Define Phase

Your processes, business requirements and the groups that access and use the business intelligence data are mapped out. Additional insights based on our experience are added to expedite planning and analysis.

The following deliverables are developed:

Analyze Phase

The analysis consists of discovery activities with respect to people and business needs of your business units. There is an investigation to identify and review all relevant documentation and begin source systems analysis. We use the following:

Detailed planning and work sessions with representative members of the groups who will use the analytical capabilities of the delivered environment to support their decision making are critically important. We also interview senior management to capture specific organizational metrics and key performance indicators, if required. The major deliverable at this stage is the general Data Warehouse Business Design document

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Delivering robust architectures that are extensible and scalable

Design Phase

In the design phase, FutureNow defines and confirms the data and technical architectures. This is important for realizing how successfully the environment meets your business requirements and goals. Our experience and expertise play an important part in delivering robust architectures that are extensible and scalable, reducing rework and costs associated with future modifications and enhancements.

The following sets of architectural documents are the work products of the design phase:

Data Architecture

Summary of business requirements:

Technical Architecture

Production Phase

Adhering to the reviewed and approved architectural design specifications, our project team constructs the flexible, full-function BI solution. We develop plans for implementation, loading, testing and training during the construction stage. The processes include:

Optimization Phase

We carry out system verifications and performance testing of the production environment. Once the system is tuned and optimized, formal acceptance testing is performed.

Implement Phase

Our consultants provide systems training and coach you on the use of the new analytic tools. Operations are transferred and the live production environment is delivered. At this stage, we: