Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Previously large organizations had an IT department managing the organization’s data center(s). The new norm is for organizations to focus on their data rather than on IT.

And as part of their digital transformation journey, organizations increasingly seek to migrate from various sourcing or in-house operational models to the consumption of services that others provide.

With our advisory consultancy services we help clients plan and organize transitions between various forms of hosting and sourcing IT service delivery.

FutureNow’s Cloud Migration Services are designed to help you migrate your infrastructure, applications and business processes to the cloud. We utilize a nearly failsafe process that provides you the ability to test your new cloud infrastructure and applications before going live.

Our Cloud Migration Services identify areas of risk and opportunities for improving the performance and availability of critical business functions. You will experience a near zero down time during migration without any disruption or performance impact.

The Cloud Migration Process

FutureNow will capture your workloads and dependencies, design the most appropriate target cloud infrastructure, seamlessly migrate your applications, and perform testing and verification as you move.

While each engagement is customized to fit your business needs, a typical Cloud Migration process follows the steps listed below.

There are many advantages to the cloud, but it is not always easy getting there. You need to select the right cloud service provider for your needs, whether it be a small DevOps environment, specific applications, platforms such as Office365, or your enterprise systems.

FutureNow has experience working with multiple cloud service providers and clients of all sizes to help develop the right cloud strategy for your business, performance, security and budget needs.

We also have the experienced resources, tools and relationships to plan and execute your migration to the cloud, including the change management with your users, customers and partners. And, after you get to the cloud, FutureNow can monitor, manage, and maintain your cloud infrastructure to continue meeting your needs as your business grows and your needs change over time.