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Sharepoint Services

FutureNow has extensive experience in customization and development of enterprise portals, leveraging various SharePoint portal features, including personalization, user profiling, navigation, wikis, audience targeting, and advanced templates.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server provides rich features and functionality and is a top-of-the-line solution. It provides targeting and personalization capabilities essential for organizations to build flexible and robust solutions.

We offer customization services in:

Our own project and operations management portal is a SharePoint-based product focused on document and delivery management within multiple projects, streamlining transmittals, managing KPIs and review processes.

That fact that we handle all our projects and operations including various business processes and workflows on our own MS SharePoint 2007 product speaks for itself.

System highlights:

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FutureNow solutions allow organizations to define, create
and manage workflows that are suited for them.

Collaboration and Social Computing

We can develop and implement solutions that allow employees, partners, vendors and customers work together effectively. Sharepoint allows them to communicate, collaborate, find organizational resources, create activities, tasks and content, define workflows, and share information. By using the MOSS infrastructure, team collaboration and document sharing can be facilitated beyond the boundaries of the organization.

Enterprise Portals

Typical enterprise portals allow easy, flexible and secure information management within enterprises. Our development services allow employees to connect and be in sync with company processes and information, enabling them to make better decisions and follow company guidelines. It also keeps all stake holders connected with information, processes, key business applications and resources.

FutureNow web services for enterprise portals allows customization and personalization of user profiles, site structure, content, navigation and also facilitates integration into Microsoft Office and other Microsoft applications.

Content Management

Enterprise content management is managing, storing / preserving, sharing and protecting all organizational information in the form of documents, office files, wikis / blogs, web pages and presentations. FutureNow SharePoint services offer document management, records management and web content management solutions.

We offer the ability to:

Business Intelligence

FutureNow business intelligence solutions organize, arrange and integrate data from various sources so as to facilitate informed business decisions. Some of the SharePoint features we use for BI solutions are:

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We develop solutions for organizations in exactly the
manner as they want it.

Business Process and Forms

FutureNow solutions allow organizations to define, create and manage workflows that are suited for them. Using SharePoint InfoPath forms service technology, FutureNow can create browser based forms that can incorporate data from various organizations. The benefits of using MOSS for business process and forms are:


In the information age of today, organizations suffer from massive information overload, making it difficult and time consuming to find the right information, leading to employee frustration and loss of productivity.

According to estimates a general office employee spends 60-70 % of his time looking for the right paper based documentation.

FutureNow SharePoint enterprise search solutions allow desktop and intranet search, providing employees with the exact information that they are looking for in the minimal amount of time and effort.

Customized Solutions

We develop solutions for organizations in exactly the manner as they want it – be it search solutions, design solutions, portal solutions or collaboration solutions.

We use custom web parts to implement solutions for organizations. Our web part development uses WSS web parts, web parts, Microsoft web parts and XML web parts. These can be integrated within the Microsoft SharePoint platform to create tailor made solutions for our customers.