We provide you with access to industry-specific and domain expertise as well as talent from lower cost geographic

Application Management Services

You want to innovate, grow, expand your business and modernize your IT assets, but your technology budget is shrinking. And most of that goes to application maintenance. How do you reconcile this disparity and move your enterprise forward?

We can help guide you to a more flexible, scalable, and transparent services-based model. You’ll get access to highly trained and experienced resources plus measurable service performance. With this you will be able to:

FNT offers you the choice and the flexibility of outsourcing support for only specific applications or for your entire applications portfolio including enterprise solutions. Through our expertise, you’ll be able to optimize your application portfolio—resulting in seamless operations and dependable performance. You can then focus more time on growing your business and maximizing your ROI.

Services are performed using a combination of on-site, onshore, nearshore, and farshore capabilities.

We provide you with access to industry-specific and domain expertise as well as talent from lower cost geographic; available through our global delivery model. You achieve the benefits of outsourcing; excellent service, reduced cost, and flexibility; without giving up control of your IT strategy.

Application sprawl and high application maintenance costs are serious challenges in applications management. The root problem is a lack of visibility and control over your application portfolio. Ask yourself:

Without proper visibility, you cannot answer these questions. Without insight, the best IT can do is to treat each individual application equally; servicing and supporting them at the same level regardless of their cost or value is.

We offer a clear understanding of the investments in your application portfolio and how you can calibrate those funds for the greatest impact. This will give you a new view into the landscape of your application portfolio and help you gauge the overall health and value of each application. Whether you are interested in outsourcing management of your entire portfolio or select applications, FNT gives you the visibility and control you need to make the best decisions for your business.