Application modernization requires a modern infrastructure to provide a secure and flexible operations framework

Application Modernization and Systems Integration

We live in interesting times. Technology has advanced so rapidly that it has changed every aspect of how you do business. Applications become legacy systems within 18–24 months due to the speed with which new technology becomes available. The legacy systems you have now present a barrier to your ability to effectively compete. You need a cost-efficient supply chain that can quickly respond to business changes to stay ahead of your competition.

FutureNow partners with its clients to overcome application services challenges to deliver infrastructure and application modernization so you can become more agile and keep pace with the changing marketplace. Our solution is not about replacing your legacy technology; but about end-to-end integration and consolidation over time.

Our strategy is to leverage your current legacy IT investments as you transition to the new environment; simplifying applications that will change the longevity, resiliency, and adaptability of your application portfolio.

Rehabilitated legacy systems and new functionalities can be integrated to work together in new ways through service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA enables systems to be more responsive to the demands of your business because flexible, standardized components can be rapidly developed, combined, and deployed.

Application modernization is not just about the applications themselves. Application modernization requires a modern infrastructure to provide a secure and flexible operations framework. Only modernizing applications and not taking infrastructure into account will lead to high overall costs and negatively impact performance and quality. Applications and infrastructure are inseparable when it comes to business process quality, availability, and agility.

Through our System Integration Services, we manage your end-to-end needs including application architecture, design and development; mobile enablement; testing; and collaborative solutions. Our services combine proven processes, leading technologies, open standards, and the right people to move your company to the next level above and beyond your competition.