FutureNow Technologies launches its new corporate site

7 May 2008

Lahore, Pakistan (7th May 2008) FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd, a leading provider of technology solutions today announced the pilot launch of the first phase of its new corporate website. The new corporate site has been developed using xhtml 1.0 and CSS 2.0 and serves as a showcase for the company’s’ various services and solutions.

The site is still in phase of development. The aim is to make the user experience more interactive and informative. FutureNow Technologies is emphasizing upon building a greater online presence and promoting its online image as a leading provider of cutting edge technology solutions and services.

About Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

FutureNow (Pvt) Ltd. provides a broad range of technology services for various business verticals. The firm’s clientele reflects virtually every industry and segment of business. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, and health care organizations. The firm also represents a number of federal, state, and local governmental and educational entities. For more information, please visit

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